how to choose a healthy underwears

Photo de Karolina Grabowska provenant de Pexels

as women, we get confused and think alot before shopping outfits and we spend a big budget for good expensive fabrics as well. but when coming to panties we don’t feel like it should be an overwhelm issue, ok, let’s choose a beautifull colour and that’s all. because we all be thinking like “i’m not a victoria’s secret model at the end of the day”. we forgot that underwears are the most important pieces of clothes cause it’s the closer to our bodies, touching directly the skin and intimate parts. therefore we must have the awerness about the right creatures to shop a suitable ones.
so let me present you simple steps to shop the appropriate piece:

  1. the fabric :
    intimate part is very fragile and sensitive ,it can’t handle any type of fabric. therefore whether you like it or not, cotton is the most likely hygienic fabric that suits the nature of that part and keeping it well moisturised and ph balanced. it gives you the comfort you need, prevents irritation and bacteria. moreover if you don’t like the shape of cotton panties at least be aware to choose an underwear padded with cotton especially from the middle area.
  2. The size :
    i know no one would choose a large panties cause it looks ugly under outfits otherwise i’m sure most of women like to try tight ones , thongs and similarities cause it’s sexy or more feminine ,but trust me it’s worse than a large one. tight panties improve irritation and leads to inflammation cause it’s soo tight so that prevents air from entering to your skin which is a dangerous thing.
  3. the colour
    colourful panties may look pretty but it’s not the best choice to wear along the day. colourful underwears could really affect your skin and change it’s colour, making it darker and discoloured. so it’s always a good idea to shop white/off-white, beige or light brown colour panties.
  4. the shape
    the shape is important as well as the size and there are a variety of shapes that you should know about, to choose the best for you which actually depends on your outfit. for example if you are wearing a legging you have to wear a panty without lines such as thong . but if you are just in a casual day with a lower cut leg you may choose a boyshort or french cut panties, it makes you feel comfortable especially the cotton ones. or you can go for a G-string with dress, in special occasions , it’s less comfortable but improve curves and offers the most feminine look .